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When I try to download, I get an error reading "The email address and/or password were not correct" But I entered everything correctly!

1. If you clicked the link in the email from Monolux, verify that email address and serial number that is automatically entered for you is the same as listed in the email. Try entering the information from the email yourself.

2. Make sure you you're entering the same email address as the one referenced in the email sent to you by Monolux. It's the same one your PayPal account is registered to.

3. Make sure the serial number you're entering is complete. Remember, the serial number includes your first and last name.

When I try to download, I get an error message that says the download period has expired. What does that mean? What do I do now?

For security reasons, you only have access to download the game for a few days after you've made the purchase. The email sent to you from Monolux when you made the purchase tell you the number of days you have. If you try to download after, you will not be allowed access. Contact us for assistance.

When I try to download, I get an error message that says I have exceeded the number of downloads. What does that mean? What do I do now?

For security reasons, we limit the number of times a user can download the game. If you exceed this limit, you will need to contact us for assistance.

When I go to download the game, I get a strange window that asks me if I want to save it or open it with an application. What should I do?

This is a dialog that some versions of Netscape Navigator get when accessing our secure download area. Choose to save it, noting where on your hard drive you're saving it. When the download is complete, find it on your hard drive and open it.

When I try to download, I get a screen full of gibberish instead of the normal "save" window. What's happening? How do I get my game?

To reduce piracy, Monolux hosts the full versions of our games in a protected environment that unlocks the download only when the right email and serial number is entered. Most brands of web browsers have no problem with this security mechanism, but from time to time we find a version of a web browser that has trouble.

If this happens, try using Microsoft Internet Explorer to download the game. If cannot or will not use Internet Explorer, please contact us and we will arrange an alternative method for downloading. Please include the make and version of your web browser.

I've read through all the questions and I still can't find the answer. What should I do?

Please contact us and describe the trouble you're having. We'll reply at least within 2 business days, but often times faster.

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