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Our current question is from Laurie and Ann. They write:

My daughter noticed that in Rocknor's Donut Factory, the building on the right hand side of the Factory shakes every once in a while and lets out a bang. Is something going on in there? Thanks for making a fun game!

Laurie and Ann

We've noticed that too. You must be pretty far into the game to see that, because the noise and shaking starts coming from that building only after completing earlier areas in the game. We diligently fed your question into our 1950s-era supercomputer The Monolux to see if it could compute the answer for us. Here's what we got:



The purple-and-tan building on the far right [see picture] of the Factory is home to the Donut Factory Labs. Many science robots toil away in its windowless chambers working on top-secret recipes and technologies to make better and tastier donuts.

While the specifics of their research cannot be fully disclosed, it is known that from time to time, their research experiments fail to the point of a violent explosion. While the building shakes, donut-related accidents rarely do any serious damage to building or robot. Rest assured the Factory research team is safe.

The full version of Rocknor's Donut Factory allows you to explore all of the Donut Factory Labs' 21 areas, and play with the experimental donut-making equipment within.



Well now you know! There's lots of little touches like that in the full version of Rocknor's Donut Factory. Who knows what you'll find while playing it. Thanks Laurie and Ann! We're glad you're enjoying the game!

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