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Our current question is from Dan. Dan writes:

I noticed that in Rocknor's Donut Factory, Rocknor's head follows the mouse when you move it around. But once the factory is turned on Rocknor's head starts moving around on his own. What is he doing?

Very observant of you, Dan. Yes, when the Factory is off, Rocknor watches the cursor. But when the Factory is turned on, Rocknor does indeed appear to be looking at something else. We put the question to our 1950s-era supercomputer The Monolux to get to the bottom of it:



In Rocknor's Donut Factory, Rocknor follows the mouse cursor with his head when the Factory is off in order to make changes to the Factory with the Particle Crane.

However, when the Factory is turned on, Rocknor is not concerned with changing the Factory as much as he is with whether or not the Factory is making donuts correctly. He looks to a Dough Port and will follow a HoverPlate with head, watching it travel throughout the Factory until it makes it to a Shipping Exit or disintegrates. Once that's happened, he'll look back to a Dough Port again to follow another HoverPlate through the Factory. He is a very concerned Robot.



So there you have it: When the Factory is on, Rocknor watches HoverPlates to see how the Factory behaves. There's a lot of other small details like this in Rocknor's Donut Factory that will reward the observant gamer! Thanks for the question, Dan!

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