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Our current question is from Matt. Matt asks:

Is Rocknor coming back for another game? If so, what? If not, what will your next game be?

Thanks for the question, Matt. Rocknor's been the star of Monolux's first two games: Rocknor's Bad Day, and Rocknor's Donut Factory. So one can't help but wonder if Rocknor will be back for another title. We put your question into our 1950's era supercomputer The Monolux to see if it could give us an answer. Here's what it had to say:



ERROR: Not enough parameters have been input into the system to derive a new entertainment product. Please input more requirements.



So, what exactly does that mean? It means we've not given The Monolux enough information to make a new game yet. We need to seed it with some ideas to get it going. It doesn't make new games for us unless we tell it what kind of game we want it to make.

So, what kinds of games would you like to see next from The Monolux? Let us know. Send us an email and tell us what kinds of games you enjoy! Please note: we're not looking for stories or game ideas, just the kinds of games you enjoy playing and would like to see us release next.

Thanks for the question, Matt!

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