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This week's question is from Jason from Florida. Jason asks:

What is your next game?


Thanks for the question, Jason, and sorry it took us so long to get you an answer (Jason asked this question over a month ago!). We ran the question through our supercomputer The Monolux and here's what it had to say:



The next game from Monolux is "Rocknor's Donut Factory". Look for it soon.



Not exactly much to go on there. So we decided to augment The Monolux's answer by providing you with a little bit more information:

Rocknor's Donut Factory is not a sequel to Rocknor's Bad Day. It features a completely new set of controls and puzzles. The game is set to have over 100 levels, and will be released this September. You can see a preview of it complete with screenshots at

Hope that helps you out, Jason!

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