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This week's question is from Andrew from California. Andrew has a question about Rocknor's Bad Day, and asks:

Why can't Rocknor swim?


We ran the question through our supercomputer The Monolux and it gave us the answer.

Here's what The Monolux had to say:


It's not that Rocknor isn't physically able to swim, it's that his robotic programming doesn't allow for it because Rocknor is not waterproof.

While playing the game you may have noticed that Rocknor will not step into the water even if you try to move him into it. This is because his programming is refusing the request. You can't override his programming.

However, if Rocknor is on a Speedramp, it's possible for him to hop off of the ramp and into to the water, where he promptly short circuits. This is because the rapid movement of the Speedramp throws off Rocknor's Balance And Motion programming. In other words, Rocknor's not very sure-footed when he's on a Speedramp.





Thanks for the question Andrew!

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