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This week's question is from Jennifer from Washington. Jennifer has a question about Rocknor's Bad Day, and asks:

I have a question. In some levels like level 29, I see areas in the maps that I can't get to when playing. How do I get there? Is that an easter egg?



Interesting question. To see what Jennifer is talking about, let's take a look at the map of level 29:

You can see a long passageway at the bottom of the map, with no obvious way to get into that passage. There are buttons sprinkled throughout it.

We decided to run this question through our trusted supercomputer The Monolux to get the answer. Since The Monolux was built before the term "Easter Eggs" was coined, we had to define it: "an 'Easter Egg' is a term for a feature hidden in a game to be found by clever players as an unexpected reward".

Here's what The Monolux had to say:


The hidden passages and areas you see in the maps are actually hidden triggers for other things in the game. In level 29, a Mowbot moves back and forth through the area at the bottom of the map. Every time it crosses a button, the Clonemats at the top of the map are triggered, sending a freshly-cloned Mowbot into the area. To Rocknor it appears as though the clonemats are being controlled by some intelligent entity bent on making Rocknor's day even worse. In reality, it's just a Mowbot trapped inside a hallway, unknowingly pushing buttons. This is how all of the automation is mechanized in the areas that Rocknor explores.

These areas are sealed from entry. They are not "easter eggs".





Thanks for the question Jennifer! Very astute of you to notice that in the maps. Are there any easter eggs in Rocknor's Bad Day? Email us if you find any!

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