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This week's question is from Dave from California. Dave writes:

I noticed that when Rocknor walks on a door and that door closes, nothing happens to Rocknor. Shouldn't he die or be popped up into the air or something? Thanks.



We've received this question a few times from our customers, so it's a good problem for our supercomputer The Monolux to crunch on. We fed the question into the supercomputer's card reader/writer and we got this result:


In the future world that Rocknor inhabits, a lot of the machinery is safety-protected to avoid accidents. This includes most doors.

When an object such as a block or a robot is on an open door that is attempting to close, a safety mechanism kicks in and uses hologram technology to display a 3d projection of a closed door in the place of where the real one would be. This is a visual cue to things on and around the door that it is attempting to close.

Holograms are simply light projections and they allow objects to pass through them without harm. So Rocknor can easily step off of the door at any point.

As soon as Rocknor (or any other object) leaves the hologram, the door's safety system detects that the obstruction is gone and seamlessly closes the door for real.





Wow, who knew that so much forethought went into the design of an automated door? You'd think that Mowbots and Spinbots would have similar safety mechanisms, wouldn't you? Thanks for the question Dave (and the others who have asked it in the past).

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