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This week's question is from Gregory in California. Gregory asks:

Is Rocknor coming back for another game?


Interesting question, Gregory. Our supercomputer The Monolux has been silently chugging away at this very question since 2002 (the heat it generated while computing kept us warm during the Winter) and it still hasn't given us an answer. We decided to try to run your question through to see if it can give us a status on the original question. Here's what it output from it's reader/writer:


Yes, currently Rocknor is being computed into another entertainment product. Here is an in-progress rendering:

REMINDER: Calculations on this entertainment product are not final and may change or be aborted.






So there you have it! The answer, apparently, is yes!

We apologize for the crudity of the rendering, but the print quality of a 1960s supercomputer like The Monolux is a far cry from the printers of today. We'll see if we can't fix that the next time we shut The Monolux down for maintenance.

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