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This week's question is from Linda in Texas. Linda writes:

Hello Monolux! We love Rocknor, my whole family enjoys it. My daughter Amanda wants to know how Rocknor got lost in the first place because the game never discusses that. Thanks for the nice game.

Linda, Amanda, and Jenny


We plugged the question into our coveted supercomputer The Monolux, and after some processing, it spitted out a little bit of Backstory from it's card reader/writer:



You see, Rocknor is a curious robot. He's always exploring the countryside around his HomeStation looking for relics of old robots and civilizations. As you can tell from the game, he lives in an area with a lot of abandoned structures and mechanisms.

One day Rocknor was exploring the area when we came across a Transmat that was tuned to an unknown frequency. That is to say, it was set to teleport to an unknown location. Rocknor’s curious programming got the best of him, and he stepped into it. Little did he know that the Transmat was set up for one-way travel only – and to a very far off location.

Now this usually doesn't happen. Transmats are normally set up to be two-way. But something was very wrong with the area he had been taken to. It was the relics of a civilization gone by, with only primitive non-bipedal robots in the area. In short, Rocknor was in a jam.





But of course, you already know this part, since this is where the game starts. The real question is: have you gotten Rocknor back to his HomeStation? Thanks you guys! We hope you continue to enjoy Rocknor’s Bad Day.

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A HomeStation is a domicile for a Robot. If you have finished Rocknor's Bad Day then you have seen the inside of Rocknor's HomeStation.

Transmats are those shimmering columns of light that instantly transport things from one side of the land to the other! Transmats are tuned to their target destinations, and although these transmittal frequencies can be scanned, they can't be interpreted fully. In other words, robots can't tell exactly where a Transmat is going to go.








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