Full Solution -- Level 5:

Robot Gate Filtering Stations

Starting from the beginning (position A):

Wait till the mowbot works his way around the crops. He'll cut a path open for you on your right.

Head right and up and around the "c" shaped wall. Watch out the mowbot ping-ponging across the botgates.

Head over to the Infomat next to the tree. Read it.

Head down to the two doors that are opening and closing. Make your way down through them. Head left to the button at position b. Step on it. The light will go off. This button turns the botgates on and off.

Head back up and cross across the now-off botgates. Head down through the hallway to the intersection at position c.

From position c head right, then down, then back left. Step on the blue button here. The door above will open.

Without pushing the green block, head back to position c by going back the way you came (head right, then up, then back left).

From position c head down, pushing the green block down and onto the blue button.

Move around to the left of the block then push it right until it is one square away from the wall on the right. Be careful not to push it against the wall. If you do you'll need to restart. Remember you can hold down SHIFT while moving Rocknor to make sure he only steps one square per keypress. This can help insure you don't push the block too far.

Move below the green block and push it up until it's resting on the floor pressure plate. This will hold the doors above open.

The map above is the same as the one at the top of this page,
duplicated here to make it easier to follow the instructions.

Head up through the doors. Step on the waypoint, then step into the Transmat on the left. You'll be transported to the lower-right of the level.

Head up, next to the Speedramp, and head right.

Push the green block right until it's one square away from the wall on the right. Go around and under it it and push it up against the wall above. Push the green block left onto the Speedramp.

Step onto the Speedramp. You'll head down and push the block down one.

Mindful of the mowbot, push the green block until it rests at position d. Make sure you push it into the right spot. If it's too high or low the mowbot will not do what we need it to, and you may need to restart.

If you get the green block into position d correctly, the mowbot will head down, hit the block, turn counterclockwise and head left. He'll head through the left botgates and hit the blue button, turning off the rightmost botgates.

Head right through the rightmost botgates and press the button. The light blub next to it will go off. Be careful of the mowbot as he'll be wandering around the area.

Head left through the now-off botgates and up through hallway. From there head right and get the punchcard at position e.

From position e head left, then up and step on the waypoint.

Head up and left, through the path in the crops. Head left to position h but do not touch the purple block yet.

Head down and to the left. Work your way around the edge of the level and back to the right, through the crops and over to position f. Step on the button. It will open the door on the right and let the mowbot out.

Head back over towards position h. The mowbot will be opening and closing the door. When it's open, head down through the door and activate the control panel. If you don't have the punchcard you'll need to go and get it at position e. If you died or had to restart then you'll need to get it again.

Once you've activated the control panel, head back up and push the purple block left one square into position h. This will cause the mowbot to head up through the botgate and through the now-open door. He'll trigger the button inside the door. This will turn the botgate off.

Go up through the door. Avoid the mowbot circling the room.

Head left and up.

Step into the exit, You're done with the free version, now get the full version!


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