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Level 5 (free):

Robot Gate Filtering Stations

This level requires some forward thinking in order to get through it. That is, you'll need to think about how Mowbots move, and then push a block in front of them so that they'll change direction and go through the gates and trigger the switch. So remember the mantra:

Mowbots will move forward unless there's something in their way. Then they'll turn left (counter-clockwise), unless something's blocking their way to the left, they'll turn right (clockwise).

If you're trying to figure out how to turn the lightbulb on and let the mowbot out, do some exploring. you may need to take an obscure path to get to the switch.

Look closely for switches that are outside your reach. You may need to walk around a little bit, but the switches you'll need the mowbots to hit are visible.

If the hints aren't enough, you can use our full solution to help you out.
Click here to get the full solution to level 5.


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