Full Solution -- Level 4:

Robotic Matter Transport Station

Starting from the beginning (position A):

Go to the left and press the button. This opens the door on the right.

Go through the door on the right into the grassy area. Read the Infomat.

Step onto the Speedramp (position B). It will take you up.

Notice the exit above you. Unfortunately we can't get there yet.

Go left across the Speedramp

Push the purple block (position C) up or down, but not left. If you push it left you'll need to restart.

Head to the left and step onto the Speedramp heading down. Stay on it until it dumps you off.

Read the Infomat above you.

Head to the left and down to the punchcard (position D). Pick it up.

Take the Speedramp heading out of the room you're in. You'll be back in the area in the upper-left where you've already been in.

Get on the Speedramp on the left again, but go down, off of the Speedramp when you're traveling right.

Read the Infomat. Unlock the doors at the control panel.

Head South; step onto the waypoint. Step inside the Transmat.

Once through the Transmat head left. Read the Infomat there.

Head down through the Transmat (position E).

Head down, then to your left, and around counterclockwise to the button (position F). Avoid the Spinbots. Step on the button.

Head counterclockwise again but then head down to the Transmat at the bottom of the level. Step into it.

Inside the the room with all the Transmats, step onto the one on the extreme right (position G). This will teleport you to the upper right corner of the level.

Step into the exit!



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