Full Solution -- Level 3:

Mechanized Plantation Green-Zone

Starting from the beginning (position a ):

Read the Infomat.

Head up. There are two spinbots that travel in a circle around the center section of crops. Wait for them to pass then follow them up in-between the crops. Head left then up to position b.

Wait there until the spinbots pass again. Then follow them left and down over to position c. Get away from the edge of the crops, and read the Infomat.

Step on the blue button. It opens the doors above position b.

Following the spinbots down and right, then up again is the safest way to get back to position b. Go there now.

From there head up through the now-open doors. Be mindful of the spinbot there.

Read the Infomat.

Head right and up to position d. wait for the top door to open then go through. The doors are toggled open and closed by the spinbot when he steps on the blue button.

Wait for the other door to open then go down and grab the punchcard. Then head back up to position d.

Make your way left to the purple block. Be careful of the spinbot, it's safest to travel right behind him. Go left and try stepping on the pressure plate and see what it does. Go left and read the Infomat.

Go back to the purple block and push it one square left. Get underneath the purple block and push it up.

This move is important to do rather quickly as it puts you in direct path of the spinbot: Push it right until it can't go any further, into position e. After pushing it to position e go left 2 squares and down one. Doing this will get you out of the path of the spinbot.

Putting the block into position e blocks the spinbot and forces him to go all the way around the to the left. Stay down and go left and stand on the square in-between the pressure plate and the door. This is out of the path of the spinbot. He'll come close but he won't get you.

Push down against the closed door and wait for the spinbot to come around again. When he crosses the floor plate the door will pop open for a split second. If you're pushing the down key when this happens you'll jump through the open door.

Head left and read the Infomat. Head down and to the left to point f. Step on the waypoint. Read the Infomat.

The map above is the same as the one at the top of this page,
duplicated here to make it easier to follow the instructions.

Head to the left and up into the area with the orange mowbot circling. Read the Infomat there. This Infomat is important as it tells you about mowbots and how to predict where they'll move.

Go down and to the right until you see the Infomat. Read it. Go left and up until you're below a green block.

Push the green block up and into position g. the mowbot will hit the block and turn 90 degrees counterclockwise. He'll head down and mow a path through the crops as he does.

Follow the mowbot as he goes down. He'll splash into the water below.

Go the right and read the Infomat there. Go down and left until you come to two blocks.

Go left past the blocks and bump into the control panel. If you have the punchcard the doors will open. If you don't have the punchcard (because you died or reset) you'll have to go back up to position f then to position d to get it.

Once the door is open, go back right to the two blocks. Push one block at at time left into the tiled area, then up into the water at positions h. Do this with both blocks so you can cross the water.

Be mindful of the spinbot here. Cross the water and head right, then follow the wall up until you come across the blue button. Pressing the button toggles the doors the separate the walls on the left.

Step on the button. This will cause the spinbot to move up and around the second section of wall. When he's in this section step off and back on the button again. This will open the bottom door but close the middle one. The spinbot will continue on to the third section of wall. As soon as he does, step off and on the button again. If the timing is right the spinbot will now be circling around the 4th and 3rd section of wall on your left.

If he's not, then you didn't open and close the doors at the right time. Try again to see if you can get it -- remember the spinbot follows the edges of obstacles so it's crucial that when he approaches a door that it's closed, otherwise he'll go through the door and head back down.

Once you get the spinbot circling around the 3rd and 4th section of wall he'll be stepping on the pressure plate occasionally, opening the doors to the exit for just a split second.

Mindful of the spinbot head up to the exit doors and press right against them. When they open you'll go through.

Step into the exit!


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