Full Solution -- Level 1:

Rocknor's Park / Welcome

Rocknor starts out in the upper-right at position a:

Head left. Read the Infomat at position b by bumping into it. When you bump into an infomat, text will appear on the lower-right of your screen. Always read the text for every Infomat you come across. It gives you valuable information.

Move left towards the blue button at position c. Step on it. the door below will close. Step off and on it again, the door below will be open again.

Head down through the open door. Bump into the Infomat to the left and read what it has to say. Head down and step on the button at position d. Head back up and go through the now-open doors to the left.

Head towards the Infomat at position e. Read the Infomat.

head down and bump into the Control Panel at position f and read the text that appears. Note that control panels are different than Infomats. Control panels have a flashing light on their top and are used to unlock doors.

Head down to the Infomat at position g and read it. You're looking for a punchcard.

Head down and to the right towards position h. From there head up and right, then down to the punchcard located at position i. Step on the punchcard to pick it up. When you pick up the punchcard it will disappear from the map and appear in Rocknor's inventory window in the lower-left of your screen. Head back to position h, then left and up, back to position f.

Now that you have the punchcard, bump into the Control Panel again. The doors on the left will open. Go through them then down, following the path to position j. Step onto the blue button there to open the doors. Notice that the punchcard is now gone from your inventory window in the lower-left of your screen.

Step through the doors and head right. Read the Infomat, then continue right, staying towards the bottom. Head towards position k.

Step on the button at position k. This opens the door above the position L. Head back left and up to position L and up through thr door to the button at position m.

Step on the button there and read the Infomat. Go right through the bottom set of doors and step once once on the button at position n. This button toggles the doors on the right (on the other side of the wall) open and closed.

Head back left towards position m and step on the button there again. This will close the bottom set of doors and open the top set. Head right through the top set and up to position o.

From there head right and down, though the now-open doors and onto the blue button. This button closes the doors below, so step off and back on the button to re-open the door, then go down and through the door and pick up the punchcard there.

Head back up to position o then head left and down again to position L. From there head right to position p.

Read the Infomat there and then bump into the control panel. If you got the punchcard then the doors will open.

Go up through the doors and into the green box with the light coming out of it. That's the exit!



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