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Level 1 (free):

Rocknor's Park / Welcome

Hopefully you've gotten the hang of this one. But if not, here are a few pointers:

Use the cursor keys on your computer keyboard to move Rocknor around the screen.

Look for messages that appear on the Right of the screen. Sometimes the messages can appear on their own, but normally these messages are triggered by bumping into the Infomat:


Infomats and the messages they display are important! Read them, and they'll tell you how to get through the next few levels pretty much step-by-step.

To trigger an Infomat and read the message, just use the cursor keys to move Rocknor over to an infomat and just bump him right into it. When you do the message will appear.

You can bump into an Infomat from any direction to trigger the message.
Doors and Switches

The doors and switches in the lower-right of level 1 are a little tricky becuase the switches open and close doors that are often off the edge of the screen. But here's a hint: on level 1 the switches are all close by to the doors. If you find a door you need to get through, the closest switch to it will do the trick. Even the door right next to the punchcard.

If the hints aren't enough, you can use our full solution to help you out.
Click here to get the full solution to level 1.


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