Release Notes for Rocknor's Bad Day

Version 1.0 Windows

last updated: September 21, 2002

Installing the game

If the game is not already installed, double click on the setup-rbd-full.exe file. Follow the instructions that appear. The game will be installed on your computer. Depending on your PC's configuration, the installer may need Internet acess in order to install. This will happen automatically.


The first time the game is run you will need to serialize the game with the serial number (actually a combination of letters and numbers) you received from Monolux when purchasing it. This is the same serial number you used to download the game. When prompted, copy the serial number from the email and paste it into the game. Make sure it contains no spaces before or after the number, and make sure it contains your name exactly as it was sent to you from Monolux.

Starting the game

It is recommended that you close all programs and windows before starting Rocknor's Bad Day, including Instant Messaging applications and folders.

The game will appear in the Start menu under the title Rocknor's Bad Day. To start the game, click on the "Play Rocknor's Bad Day" item. The game will automatically load.

If it's the first time you've started the game, you will need to serialize it. See the section above titled "Serializing" for more information.

Playing the game

The game includes all the instructions to get up and playing. Basic instructions are available by clicking on the Instructions button on the game's main menu. Detailed instructions on how the game works will appear during the first few levels.

While playing the game, press ESC or click on the Menu/Pause button to access the Game Menu. This menu allows you to:

  • Reset the level and restart
  • Get hints for the level you're playing from
  • Change the speed of the game and the volume levels
  • Get more games from
  • Return to the level you're on
  • Return to the Main screen

Tips, Hints, and Solutions to levels

The game includes a button that will display hints and solutions for every level of the game. While playing, click on the Menu/Pause button and select "Get hints for this level". You will be taken straight to a webpage with hints and a full solution for the level. This option requires you to be connected to the internet, and does not require you to quit the game.

Technical Support

If you're experiencing technical problems with Rocknor's Bad Day, visit Monolux on the web at to check for updates, read the FAQ, and get full email support. Please note that this is not the correct place for game hints.


This document and accompining software is copyright 2002 monolux and is protected under international law. Please visit on the world wide web for complete and up to date copyright information.


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