Download & Install Hints for Rocknor's Bad Day (full version)


filename: Rocknorsbadday-hints-setup.exe (2.29mb)

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Important, please read:

To access the on-disk Hints and Solutions:
Choose "get hints and solutions" from the Rocknor's Bad Day entry in your
Start menu.

IMPORTANT: Choosing "get hints for this level" from inside the game will still direct you to the Monolux website on the Internet, so you'll need to use the "get hints and solutions" menu option from your Start Menu to get the on-disk hints.

To switch out of a full-screen game:
You do not need to quit the game in order to read hints. If you play the game in full-screen mode, press ALT-TAB (press and hold ALT then press TAB) to switch out of the game. Then access the hints from the start menu.

To get back to the game, click on it's entry in the TaskBar.

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