Tips for Rocknor's Bad Day
Here is a list of general tips that apply to every level of the game. Read up on these to get better at solving puzzles yourself.

Slow the Game Down
If a section of the game is too fast for you and you're having troubles passing it, you may want to try temporarily slowing the game down to pass it. This is not considered cheating -- the slowdown option was specifically designed for this case.

To slow the game down:

  • Click on the Menu/Pause button.
  • Click on Sound & speed options.
  • Set the speed to slow or slower (we suggest trying slow, and if it's still too hard try slower)
  • Click on Done and then Return to game.

You may want to practice the game a little in the slower speed before attempting to solve a tricky puzzle. Slow mode still requires some dexterity and can take some getting used to.

You can return to the normal game speed at any time by going into the menu and choosing normal.

Spinbots move in a very predictable pattern. They follow the contours of obstacles in a counter-clockwise direction. Here are some facts about this type of movement:

  • You will never see a spinbot travelling in a clearing, he will always have an obstacle on one side of him.
  • If you do see a spinbot in a clearing he'll be malfunctioning and spinning-around-himself. Don't get to close to him.
  • Spinbots won't hurt you unless you're standing in their path. He won't turn to get you unless you're standing against the edge of the wall he's following.
  • If a spinbot is heading up, he's following the edge of the obstacle on his left.
  • If a spinbot is moving left, he's following the edge of the obstable below him.
  • If a spinbot is moving down, he's following the edge of the obstacle to his right.
  • If a spinbot is moving right, he's following the edge of the obstacle above him.

Mowbots move in a predictable pattern. They move forward until they bump into an obstacle, then they'll try to turn counter-clockwise. if that's blocked too, then they'll turn right instead, then they'll keep going straight. Here's a visual diagram:

Notice how both mowbots are going the same direction, but when they hit the wall, one goes up and the other goes down? The mowbot on the top turns counter-clockwise (to his left). The mowbot on the bottom, when hitting the wall, attempts to turn counter-clockwise but is blocked by the wall above, so instead he turns clockwise (to his right). Here's another chart to help you out.

With this information, you can use blocks and other obstacles to force a mowbot to change direction.

Here's some helpful facts about Mowbots:

  • Mowbots turn when they hit:
    • Closed doors
    • Blocks
    • Walls
    • Infomats
    • Control Panels
    • Trees and bushes
    • punchcards
    • The crop knife
    • Vaccum Lamps
  • If two mowbots meet head-on, only one of them will turn. The other will keep going.
  • Mowbots mow down tall grass and crops; they won't turn when running into these.
  • Mowbots won't turn for water. They'll fall in. Don't worry, they don't die, they just continue under water where you can't see them.

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