Full Solution -- Level 5:

Gridular HarvestStation Remains

Starting from the beginning (position A):

Read the Infomat above you. Be aware that you're now playing level 9 from the full version of the game. It's a real challenge.

head down, right, then back up to the purple block at position b. Push it up against the wall.

Head back around to the left side of green block. Push it right, then up, into the water above.

Follow thr chambers around to position c. Pick up the punchcard there.

Head back to position a, then head left. Access the control panel to open the door. Head up, and onto the waypoint.

Door Sequence:
From the waypoint, head up, then left to room with the set of three buttons. Each button toggles some of the doors above them in a mysterious pattern.To get them open correctly, follow the pattern below:

  • Step left onto the rightmost button.
  • Step left again onto the middle button.
  • Step right onto the rightmost button again.
  • Step right again onto the dirt.
  • Step left onto the rightmost button again. The doors above will now be all open.

Head right and down, back to the waypoint. From there, head right to the block at position d.

You need to push the block from position d into the water at position e, but once you push the green block, the Mowbot above it is released. You'll need to get the green block into the water at position e before the Mowbot falls into the water. Otherwise you'll need to restart. Make sure you get out of the Mowbot's way.

If you do it correctly, the Mowbot will begin to circle in a loop to the left of position e. As he crosses the pressure plate the door above position e will open.

Head up through position e, then head left. Step through the open doors. If they're not open, you didn't complete the door sequence correctly.

Head left and down to the block at position f.

Push it up, then left, then down into the room below.

Push right then down into position g. Make sure you push it right BEFORE pushing it down. This will make the Mowbot mow the crops correctly.

Once the Mowbot has bounced off of the block at position g, push it right 1. This will change the Mowbot's pattern to make it easier to get to the punchcard below without running into him. You may want to watch him loop a few times to get the feel for his pattern.

Avoiding the Mowbot, head down and pick up the punchcard.

Head all the way up, then all the way right, to the control panel near position h. Access the control panel, step through the door and into the Transmat at position h. You'll be taken to position i.

Head down and step on the waypoint.

From there head down and left. Push the purple block down, then right, then up, and then finally left into the water. Cross the block.

Follow the path around till you come to the Crop Knife at position j. Bump into it to pick it up. This will allow you to cut the yellow crops throughout the level by bumping into them.

From position j head up, cut the crops down, and step on the button. This opens the door to your left at position k.

Head back to position i. From there, head upwards. Remember, you can cut the crops down now. Head left and down to where you started at position a. If you had to restart and the door is closed, just cut through the crops above position b.

Head over to position k and cut the crops down so there's a path to the open door.

Head left to position L and cut down the crops there. Push the block right and down through position k and into the water. Cross the block.

Follow the path around, heading for the lower-left of the level. Step on the buttom there. Read the Infomat above. You now have access to the exit above, so head right and up and then through the open door.

Step into the exit, You're done with the free version, now get the full version!


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