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Level 5 (free):

Gridular HarvestStation Remains

This level requires you "waste" a block by pushing it into a dead end corner, in order to get access to another block. Don't be afraid to waste a block here.

When you push the green block you're starting a race between you and the mowbot. If the Mowbot falls in the water, you lose.

To access the control panel in the upper-right of the level, you'll need to get the punchcard out from the center of the crops which are to the left of the first waypoint. You'll use the Mowbot for that.

When you get the Crop Knife, you'll need to re-explore the entire level again, this time cutting down the crops in order to gain access to new areas.

If you're enjoying the challenge of this level, the full version of Rocknor's Bad Day has many others like it. In fact this level is designed as a sampler to really show you what's in store in the full version of the game. Click here to see what's in the full version.

If the hints aren't enough, you can use our full solution to help you out.
Click here to get the full solution to level 5.

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