Full Solution -- Level 4:

Robotic Matter Transport Station

Starting from the beginning (position A):

Go to the left and press the button. This opens the lower door on the right.

Head through the door, press the next button, and head through the next door.

Read the Infomat.

Head down and right and step into the Transmat. It will take you across the river.

At the other Transmat, head down and left so you're below the purple block. Push it up so it comes to rest at position b. If you're pushing it too far and into the water, restart and hold down shift while pushing the block. This will ensure you don't push it too far.

Head right and around, back to position b. Push the block left as far as it will go, into the water there.

Step across the block and head left. Step into the Transmat. It takes you to position c.

Head right and past the Transmat, then head down, past the Mowbot, and into the Transmat at position d.

From here, there's only one place to go and that's up, and onto the Speedramp. Step on and enjoy the ride. You'll end up at position e.

Head right to the Speedramp heading down. You're going to step onto the Speedramp then quickly step left off of it, through the hole in the wall. you've got to be fast. Once you've done that head down and get the punchcard at position f.

Next, step back onto the Speedramp, then Step off again to get to the control panel to the right of position f. If you miss it, just take the Speedramps around and try again.

After accessing the control panel, step onto the Speedramp once more and take it into the center area. The door will be open, step into the Transmat at position g. It will take you back to the starting point near position a, but this time the upper-right door will be open. Head through it and step on the waypoint.

Take the block bridge right, across the water. Head down and push the green block up onto the Speedramp. Step onto the Speedramp right behind it.

This map is the same as the one above, duplicated here to
make the instructions easier to read.

Carefully push the green block into the water at position h. If you're not careful you'll get it stuck against the wall and the bush, and you'll need to restart.

Cross position h, push the button, and step through the door. Head left and up.

head right to position i. Follow the next set of directions very carefully, and remember to hold down shift when pushing blocks if you have a habit of pushing them too far.

Push the purple block right 1 square.

Head up, right, and back down again, then head left and push the block left 1, back into its original position at position i. This now gets things configured so you can push the block down.

Head back around and push the block down 3 squares. Step right and push the button.

Push the block down 1 more, then head left through the open door.

Head around so that you're below the block.

Push the block all the way up and onto the Speedramp. Step onto the ramp behind it.

Push the block into position j. The mowbots will bounce off of it and repeatedly press the button.

Head down through the doors as they open. Step into the Transmat. It will take you to the exit. Step into the exit!



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