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Level 4 (free):

Robotic Matter Transport Station

Tip: did you know you can standstill on a Speedramp? To do so just move in the opposite direction the Speedramp is moving.

Tip: When you step through a Transmat, you're taken there instantly, and it takes a little bit for the game to get over to your new location. During this time, it's possible for Rocknor to be running around blindly if you're still holding a key down. This can lead to trouble! So for safe playing, hold down the Shift key when you step through a Transmat. This ensures Rocknor won't go anywhere when he steps out the other side.

In this level there are some pretty tricky block puzzles. Be patient and try to think of ways to get around to other sides of the block in order to push it in the direction you need to. It sometimes takes a lot of maneuvering.

If the hints aren't enough, you can use our full solution to help you out.
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