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Level 3 (free):

Mechanized Plantation Green-Zone


There's a lot going on in this level. If you're stuck or don't know what to do, there'a good chance you missed reading an Infomat somewhere along the way. The Infomats explain everything here. Go back and look for some infomats you might have missed, and make sure to read them. In this level they're pretty important.

If the other robots in this level are moving too fast for you, remember this:

  • All robots move in a predictable way. You can study spinbots and mowbots and see how they move, then time your moves with theirs so you don't get clobbered.
  • If you're still having problem with mowbots and spinbots, remember you can slow the game down at any time to get through a tricky part then speed it back up to continue playing. Click here for instructions on slowing the game down.

A few facts about mowbots:

  • If you get a block in a mowbot's way, he'll turn to his left (counter-clockwise).
  • Mowbots aren't smart enough to turn when they're headed for water. They'll fall in and sink in a puff of black smoke. Don't worry, they're not dead, just tooling around underwater mowing the sea floor.

When you die and restart, you lose anything you might have picked up along the way, including punchcards. You'll need to go back and get the punchcard in the upper-right of the level.


If the hints aren't enough, you can use our full solution to help you out.
Click here to get the full solution to level 3.


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