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Level 2 (free):

Scrap Metal/Liquid Treatment Base

Remember, the number-one rule in pushing blocks is: you can't pull them! This means if you push a block into a corner, it's there forever.

If you're having problems pushing blocks farther that you want them to, remember to hold down the shift key while pushing blocks. This will force Rocknor to make one step per keypress. This way, you're guaranteed not to over-step and end up pushing a block into a no-win situation.

If you find a block against a wall (or if you push one there) not all hope is lost. Even if it's pushed against a wall, it can still be pushed along the wall. so, if the block is against a wall with a doorway, you may be able to push a block along the wall until it's at the doorway, then push it through the door.

You can push blocks into water.

You can push blocks on top of other blocks that are sunk.

Unlike the last level, on this level, it's possible to get the level into a unsolvable state where no matter what you do, you won't be able to get to the end of the level without restarting. It's quite easy for this to happen -- if you push a block into a corner and can't get it out, or if you push a block into the water when you shouldn't have.

If the hints aren't enough, you can use our full solution to help you out.
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