Full Solution -- Level 1:

Rocknor's Park / Welcome

Rocknor starts out in the upper-right at position a:

Head left. Read the Infomat at position b by bumping into it. When you bump into an infomat, text will appear on the lower-right of your screen. Always read the text for every Infomat you come across. It gives you valuable information.

Move left towards the blue button at position c. Step on it. the door below will close. Step off and on it again, the door below will be open again.

Head down through the open door. Bump into the Infomat to the left and read what it has to say. Head down and step on the button at position d. Head back up and go through the now-open doors to the left.

Head over to position e. Step on the button to open the door on the left. Step through, looking out for the orange Mowbots, they'll be moving up and down. If you run into them, you'll have to restart.

Head over to the Infomat at position f. Read it.

Head down to the Mowbot below. The Mowbot is triggering the doors below to open and close. Get close to his path and after he's passed you, step across to the door. Even if it's closed, you'll be out of his way. Head through the open door and head down and right over to position g.

From there, head down, past position i. Read the Infomat on the left then follow the line on the map into the forest. Pick up the punchcard at position h by walking on it.

Head back the way you came over to position i. Bump into the control panel there. Now that you have th punchcard, you'll be able to access the control panel and open the door here. Head left through it.

Head down to position j. Step on the switch there to open the doors. Head right and read the Infomat there.

Head right to position k. Step on the waypoint there. Now if you die or restart you'll restart from the waypoint.

This map is the same as the one above, duplicated for your convenience.

Once you've stepped on the waypoint at position k head right and read the next Infomat.

Head right and over to position l. Step on the blue switch there. This will open the door at position m.

Head over to position m and head up. You'll notice that there are a lot of switches here. Each switch opens one door while closing the 2 doors around it.

Head over to position n. Step on the button there. It will open the door above.

Wait until the mowbot passes right across the open door, then step on the blue button to the right of position n. This will open the next door and close off the other.

Again, wait till the Mowbot is on the right side of the open door, and then step on the blue button to the right. This will allow you to slowly "walk" the Mowbot through the hallway until it is over at position o. When you get the Mowbot to position o, be careful! He will bounce around and be headed towards you. You'll need to get out of his way, or you'll get clobbered.

The Mowbot will now follow the path you just walked, crossing the buttons and opening the doors. He will ping-pong through this pattern, and he won't head back into the area where he came from.

Head over to position o. You will now need to head back into the area that the Mowbot came from. You'll do this by stepping through the doors as the Mowbot opens them. You'll need to wait a little bit for the mowbot to come back, but when he does he'll open the doors. Step through them as they open.

Inside the hallway, grab the punchcard to the left of position n. If you're quick you'll be able to do this and make it back to the door before it closes. If you don't, you'll be temporarily trapped, but just wait right next to the door, because soon the mowbot will be back and he'll open the doors for you again. Make your way out of the hallway, near position o.

Head down towards position m. From there head right to position p. Bump the control panel there to open the doors on the left.

Head up through the doors and step into the green portal. That's the level exit. You're done!



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