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The Toolbar

The Toolbar controls Rocknor’s Particle Crane. The toolbar is made up of three parts:

- Menu & Pause button
- Controller Arrow
- Factory Machines

Menu & Pause Button
The Menu & Pause button takes you to the Game Menu which provides many useful options for playing Rocknor's Donut Factory.

Controller Arrow
The Controller Arrow is your multi-purpose tool for manipulating Machines in the Factory.

View and Change Machine’s properties
You can click with the Controller Arrow to display the pop-up options for a machine. Once open, you can change a machine’s options by clicking on it.

Move machines to new locations
You can drag with the Controller Arrow to move a machine in the Factory to a new location. Just point at the machine and click-and-drag it to a new location. Only machines used for Donut-making can be moved, and they mustn’t be bolted down.

Machines In The Toolbar
All machines in the toolbar are available for you to place into the level. Each button represents a type of machine.

The number next to the X shows you the number of remaining machines in the toolbar. Every time you place a machine the number will decrease. When it reaches zero, the button will fade out and you will not be able to place any more machines.

Placing Machines
Click on a machine in the toolbar to activate it. When you move your cursor into the Factory, you’ll see the Particle Crane projecting a machine there. Click to place a machine into the Factory. You can continue to place machines until you have no more machines left.

There are some places where you cannot place machines. When your cursor passes over these areas, the Particle Crane will not project the machine there. Pick a new spot.

Moving and editing Machines while Placing
While adding machines to the Factory, you can move and change other machine’s options. This makes it easy to adjust the Factory without having to go back and forth between adding machines and using the Controller Arrow. Simply click-and-drag other machines to move them, or click the machine to open it’s pop-up.

Putting Machines back in the Toolbar
You can place a machine back in the toolbar by dragging it to the left, right, or top part of the screen. Your cursor will change to an arrow pointing towards the toolbar.

Quick Revert to the Controller Arrow
While adding machines you can quickly revert to the controller arrow by right-clicking the mouse button.


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