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While every level has a different solution, there are tips and tricks you can learn to help make solving levels easier.

Look For Open Factory Buildings
Each building in the Factory has a donut in front of it. When the building is opened, the donut will spin occassionally. Look for the spinning donuts every time you visit this screen since you never never know when a new building will open.

Use a Toggler as a Delay
Sometimes when two lines of donuts are colliding you'll need to use a Toggler with a Changer as a delay for one of the donut lines. here's how this trick works:

Put a Directional Changer in the path of one of your donut lines. Set the sirection so it's pointing in the same direction that the HoverPlates are already moving.

Next, set a Toggler next to the Changer and set it's direction in the opposite direction so it's pointing back at the Changer itself.

When a Hoverplate passes over the Changer, nothing will happen because the Changer is already pointing in the same direction. However, when the HoverPlate hits the Toggler, the Hoverplate will change direction and move back towards the arrow. But the Toggler will turn off.

The HoverPlate will then hit the Arrow again, but this time from the other direction. It will turn back around and start moving back towards the Toggler again. But this time, the Toggler is turned off and it allows the HoverPlate to pass across it.

This delays a HoverPlate by two spaces.

Send HoverPlates over Dough Ports and Sprinkle Ports
You can send Hoverplates over Dough Ports and Sprikle ports, and as long as the port is empty, the HoverPlate will pass over it without any problem.


Jelly Injecting
When you make a donut you need to apply all the toppings onto a donut in the correct order except for Jelly Injecting. You can inject a Jelly Donut with jelly at any point after it's been shaped to a Fillable donut, and the results will be the same.

Work Backwards from the Exit

Sometimes it's easier to find the correct path to the Exit by starting there and working your way back. This often is helpful since it can reveal dead ends early so you don't spend time routing your donuts in a given direction, only to discover a dead end.

Watch Your Mouse Cursor
The Mouse cursor gives you important clues that can make donut-making more effecient.

Add Cursor Indicates you can add a machine from the Factory Toolbar
No Add Cursor Indicates you cannot place a machine here. Typically this appears over vents on the Factory floor.
Move Cursor Indicates that you can move this machine, and that it's not bolted down.
No Move Cursor Indicates that the machine cannot be moved, either becuase it is bolted down or is simply an immovable object.
Activate Cursor Indicates that a machine has a pop-up that you can open by clicking on it. This only appears when the machine is not movable, otherwise the Move icon is displayed.
Delete Cursor Indicates the machine will be deleted from the Factory floor and put back into the Tool Panel when you release the mouse button. This appears when you drag a machine onto the Toolbar or when you right-click on a machine with the Arrow tool.

Move A Machine Out Of The Way While Adding Machines

Did you know that while you're adding machines to the factory floor, you can move others out of your way? Simply move your cursor over the machine you wish to move, and you'll see your cursor change from the Add icon to the Move icon. At this point you can click and drag in order to move the machine to a new location. When you're done dragging, your cursor will return to the Add icon and you can continue to place machines.


Factory Control Shortcut
You can press the Spacebar on the keyboard to turn the Factory on and off

Right Clicking Shortcuts
You can right-click in the Donut Factory for some handy shortcuts:

Close a Pop-up: Right click while your cursor is over the Pop-up.
Switch from adding machines to the Arrow: Right click while adding machines.
Delete a machine from the Factory floor: right click with the Arrow tool on the machine to delete.

Supress the Pop-ups
Sometimes when adding a lot of one machine type like Directional Changers it can be easier to place them all at one time, then go back and set their directions. To aid in this, you can hold down the Shift key while placing machines to their pop-ups from appearing.

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