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Gameplay Overview

The aim of the game is to place machines into the Factory so that dough is routed through the level and and turned into the correct type and amount of donuts as displayed in the goals area. To make a donut you need to shape it, then cook it, then add toppings to it, then ship it out the Shipping Exit.

More Info On:
- Placing Machines
- Goals
- The Shipping Exit

The Factory can be started and stopped as often as you need to get things right. You can speed up and slow down the Factory, too. There are no time limits or restarting limits.

More Info On:
- Starting and stopping the Factory

When the Factory is turned on, dough on HoverPlates enter the Factory from Dough Ports. It is up to you to add machines from your toolbar to the Factory that will route and transform the dough into donuts.

More Info On:
- HoverPlates
- Dough Ports
- Adding Machines

Some machines change the direction HoverPlates move, while others will transform the dough into a delicious donut. Still other apply toppings and fillings to complete the pastry. You can move machines around the level and change their options. Some machines are bolted down and can't be moved.

More Info On:
- Routing Hoverpates
- Changing Machine Options
- Moving Machines

Once a donut is made, it needs to exit the level through the Shipping Exit. Only then will it count towards your goal. If you meet all your goals, the level is completed, and you're off to another area to make more donuts!

More Info On:
- Completing Goals





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