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The Factory floor is scattered with donut-making machines. While their uses vary, all donut-making machines have some common properties:

- Machines can be moved if they’re not bolted
- Machines often have changeable options.

Floor Bolts and Machines
Donut-making machines are movable except when they're bolted to the floor. When you see bolts around the base of a machine, it’s not possible to move it. If there are no bolts, then it can be moved.

Dough Ports and Shipping Exits cannot be moved since they're actually tubes to other areas of the Donut Factory. Additionally, some non-donut-making machines cannot be moved even though they do not have bolts on them.

Viewing and Changing Machine Options
Some machines have changeable options, while others do not. To view a machine’s options, click on it. If the machine has options, a pop-up will appear showing you the available options. The currently selected option is appears in green, while unselected options appear in dark blue.

Once the pop-up is displayed, you can click on any of the dark-blue options to change the setting of the machine. You’ll see the Machine change to represent the new option.

Often there are options that are not changeable. These options appear faded on the pop-up.

There are some obstacles you’ll encounter in the Factory.

Walls are structural supports that HoverPlates can crash into. You’ll need to set the Factory so that HoverPlates avoid walls. Walls cannot be moved and have no options to change.

Vents and grating are scattered throughout the Factory. They are fragile, and machines can not be placed on them, however, HoverPlates can glide over them with no problems.

Other Machines
You may come across other non-donut-making machines in the Factory. And important one to know about is the Infomat.

When you see an Infomat, click on it to get important information that will help you meet your goals.

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