Did you know the full version of the Donut Factory contains over 100 levels? Did you know you can play the full-version risk free?


Choosing Levels

The Level Select Screen is an overview of the Donut Factory, and is made up of 5 Buildings:

Donut Acedemy
Donut Lounge
Donutropolis Central
Factory Store
Factory Labs

Note: in the free version, the only available building is the Donut Acedemy. To access the other buildings, buy the full version.

See the table below of a guide to which building is which. Each building holds levels of a certain difficulty. Click on a building to view the levels inside.

If the building is unlocked, you will be able to play any of the levels inside it. Click on a level title to play it. You can easily spot unlocked buildings by looking at the building's Donut icon. If the icon is spinning, the building is unlocked.

As levels are completed, the word "(Done)" appears next to their names.

Introductory Levels
You can play any unlocked level in any order you want, however you should be on the lookout for new machines. If you come across a level with a machine that you're not familiar with, looking for that machine's "Introductory" level to explain how it works. Introductory levels are named with "Intro:" or "Introduction" in the title, and is always before all other levels that contain that machine.

Level Difficulty
Each building in the Donut Factory represents a difficulty level, however the levels are somewhat mixed-up so that there in not an absolute easy-to-hard gradient. Below you'll find a table of the each building and it's difficulty level.

Opening Buildings and Unlocking Levels
At the beginning of the game, only the Donut Acedemy is available to play, and the other buildings are closed. You'll need to complete unlocked levels in order to open new buildings. Luckly, it only takes completion of a few levels to open a new building. Below is a table of when each building gets unlocked:

Name Level Difficulty Opening Schedule
Donut Academy Training Levels Always open
Donut Lounge Easy Levels Opens after completing 14 levels
(Donutropolis opens
at the same time)
Donutropolis Central Medium Levels Opens after completing 14 levels
(Donut Lounge opens
at the same time)
Factory Store Hard Levels Opens after completing 24 levels
Factory Labs Very Hard Levels Opens after completing 34 levels

Saving Your Progress
When you solve a level the game is automatically saved, keeping track of every level you've solved so far. You cannot save partially completed levels.

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