Did you know the full version of the Donut Factory contains over 100 levels? Did you know you can play the full-version risk free?


You’re not just making any donuts. The goal of each level is to make the correct donuts in the correct amounts as specified in the Goals area. The Goals is displayed along the top of every level. It’s horizontal position can vary from level to level, but it will always be along the top.

The Goals area shows you 3 different pieces of information about your goals:

- The types of donuts you need to make
- The amount of each donut type you need to make
- The amount of each donut type you’ve made since you turned the factory on

The picture of the donut is a visual representation of the donut you need to make. Your donuts will need to look just like these in order to solve the level. You can click on the donuts in the goals area to see a text “recipe” for that donut. This is helpful if you can’t figure out exactly what donuts you’re supposed to make just by looking at them.

The number with the X next to it is the amount of those donuts you need to make.

The black number over the X is the amount of those donuts you’ve made since you turn the factory on. It turns green to indicate you’ve made the correct amount. It turns yellow to indicate the those donuts are spoiled.

Every time you restart the Factory, the count of donuts you’ve made get reset to zero.

Meeting your Goals
In order to meet the goals correctly, you need to make all the requirements at one time. This means you can’t make the goals gradually by stopping and restarting the Factory.

You can stop and restart the Factory as often as you like, but in order to pass the level the Factory will need to meet all the Goals by running without interruption.

Spoiled Donuts
Moving machines while the Factory is running is a good way to experiment and test new ideas, but this spoils the donuts and voids your Goals. If you move a machine while the factory is running, all the donuts will spoil, and even if you meet your Goals, you won’t be able to pass the level. You’ll need to set the Factory up and let it run without interruption.

When the donuts are spoiled the numbers in the Goals area are yellow.


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