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Running and Testing the factory

The Factory is easy to control. On every level there is a Factory Control Panel.

The Factory Control Panel is used for:

- Turning the Factory on and off
- Setting the speed the Factory runs at

Press the button labeled On/Off to toggle the Factory on and off. You can also press the Space bar to do this.

While the Factory is running you can adjust its speed by sliding the Speed Handle to the left or right. Left is slower, right is faster. Speed has no effect on the performance of the Factory. All the machines and HoverPlates will act exactly the same way regardless of the speed you run it.

When you turn the Factory on, you’ll see Hover Plates rise out of Dough Ports.

Donuts are made through the miracle of HoverPlates. HoverPlates are little floating vehicles for dough. Every Donut in the Factory sits on a HoverPlate. They travel in a straight line in a given direction, and they never stop.

HoverPlates can pass through donut-making machines in any direction.

HoverPlates are not smart. They’ll collide into walls and other HoverPlates. But they can be controlled.

There are many machines available in the Donut Factory that will change the direction a HoverPlate moves.

Dough Ports
Dough on HoverPlates always enter the level by rising out of a Dough Port. Dough Ports are tubes that come up out of the floor, and are connected to the Dough department of the factory. When you turn the factory on you’ll see Dough come out of all the DoughPorts in the level.

Dough Ports have a little display on them indicating the direction in which the HoverPlate will travel when it rises out of the Port. Most Dough Ports have a fixed direction but some of them can be changed.

Shipping Exits
Like Dough Ports, Shipping Exits are tubes in the floor, but these lead out to the Shipping Department. Shipping Exits are the final destinations for every donut in the Factory. You’ll need to get every donut to a shipping exit in order for it to count.

Many levels have multiple Shipping Exits, but they all lead to the same place. You can ship any donut to any Shipping Exit and have it count towards your goal.


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