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Here's what you get in the full version of Rocknor's Donut Factory:

Hours of enjoyment with 111 top-quality levels:

The Donut Factory has a ton of levels with something for everyone:

  • Lounge Levels in the Donut Lounge building, designed for quick, relaxing play when you don't have a lot of time or energy to play a real mind bender
  • Medium levels in the Donutropolis Central Building, with challenging and clever puzzles but perfect for the new player. Includes introductions to the Jelly Injector and new Frosting.
  • Hard levels in the Factory Store. Once you think you have donut-making figured out, these levels put a whole new twist on the concept. Learn the multi-step process of Sprinkling here.
  • Very Hard levels await you inside the Factory Labs. Our top food scientists are researching secret surprises for you here! Learn about experimental Frosting.

Each level has complete solutions when you get stuck. And you can play each building's levels in any order once they're unlocked.

And the full version of Rocknor's Donut Factory was rated as one of the top shareware games of 2003 by avault.com, a leading video game web site that normally reserves it's accolades for retail titles that cost way more!



New machines like the Rotator, Transmat, The Jelly Injector, and
the Sprinklizer

You've played the basics, but wait till you see what the other factory buildings have in store for you. Each machine not only adds variety to your donuts, they also add new wrinkles to the puzzles and their creative solutions:

  • The SprinklizerThe Rotator: Control HoverPlates in a whole new way! Makes routing complex paths through the donut factory possible.
  • The Transmat: Teleport donuts from one location to the other! If you've played Rocknor's Bad Day then you're more than familiar with this item!
  • The Jelly Injector: Fill your donuts with a variety of creams and jellies. The order of applying toppings change with this machine.
  • Sprinklizer: Applying freshly-made sprinkles to a donut is a multi-step process. Guide Sprinkle Spheres to the Sprinklizer then run a donut through it to see it get made!
  • And more ...

Each machine gets its own introduction level to teach you the ins-and-outs. And each machine has it's own settings, allowing for lots of variety from level to level.



More music, sound, and animation

Check out the stats:

  • The full version of Rocknor's Donut Factory comes with full 32-bit graphics, and required the development of hundreds of unique graphics to form literally thousands of unique animation frames for the Factory.
  • Levels for each building in the Factory has it's own unique look and feel to fit the mood. No two levels have the exact same coloring and the ming.
  • Full mp3 music is used for the soundtrack, and the full version of the game comes with an extra song not heard in the free version.



Full 30-day money-back guarantee that makes your
purchase risk-free

We stand behind what we sell, and offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the quality, price, or entertainment value.




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Free support, hints, tips, and instructions

  • The full version of Rocknor's Donut Factory comes with complete solutions for all of the 111 levels, built right into the game. No web access is required when you need a hint.
  • A complete Internet Tips and Instructions center is accessible to owners of the full version of the game with just a click of the mouse (web access required).
  • Monolux tech Support offers 7-day-a-week support via email as our normal operating schedule (some days such as holidays excluded)

The full version of Rocknor's Donut Factory awaits!
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