A map of the level with callouts for the full solution. The full solution is a written
description of how to solve the level, and it references the positions in the map.

Included free in the game is a button that will take directly to hints and full solutions for the level you're on. We provide this information to you for every level in the game. No searching the Internet for clues... it's all here.

Here's a brief snippet of the text for the full solution that matches
the map above:

Rocknor starts out in the upper-right at position a:

Head left. Read the Infomat at position b by bumping into it. When you bump into an infomat, text will appear on the lower-right of your screen. Always read the text for every Infomat you come across. It gives you valuable information.

Move left towards the blue button at position c. Step on it. the door below will close. Step off and on it again, the door below will be open again.

Head down through the open door. Bump into the Infomat to the left and read what it has to say. Head down and step on the button at position d. Head back up and go through the now-open doors to the left.

Head towards the Infomat at position e. Read the Infomat.

The full solutions for each level continues on and tells you step by step what to do. But only if you need it! Go ahead and download it now and check it out!

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