- Play at your own pace
- Concentrate on the parts of the game you want
- Kiss maddening frustration good-bye!

Rocknor's Bad Day has been designed for maximum enjoyment by gamers of all walks of life. Even if you're not into fast-reflex games or if puzzles aren't you're thing, Rocknor's Bad Day can adapt to your style. We've designed the game to be easily customizable to suit your needs, and provided complete hints and solutions for every level of the game:

  • A learn-as-you-play experience that teaches you the ins and outs without sitting through boring instructions. Just start playing and the game teaches you how to play ... right from the beginning!
  • Unlimited number of lives mean you can die & restart as often as you need. The levels in Rocknor's Bad Day can be solved at your own pace, and you can use as many lives as you want to test out theories on puzzles, or to just go exploring.
  • Adjustable game speed means you can slow it down when the action gets too intense. This is perfect for people who love the puzzles but find some of the dexterity-based elements a little tough.
  • Autosaver automatically saves your place when you pass a level.
  • One-click access to complete online hints, level solutions, maps and passcodes means if you get stuck you won't have to search the Internet for hints, cheats, or maps. Just click on the "Get hints for this level button" and you'll be whisked to a Monolux web page specifically for the level you're stuck on.

What are you waiting for? Download the Free version and check it out!

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